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Speciale Congresso Mondiale Commercialisti – Roma 10/13 2014 #WCOAROME - 11.11.2014 – My Agenda

Plenary and Parallel Sessions for today - 11.11.2014

Plenary I – Businesses thriving in disruptive times

The businesses of the future need finance professionals who are able to deliver more than just insights. The CFO and his team will drive business results, support corporate strategy, and be the enablers of innovation. They will be responsible to ensure that their organizations build resilient business models able to withstand the impact of changing technologies, social media, and disruptive innovation. Join a panel of CFOs from world class organizations and hear from them how they are preparing their teams - not just to survive, but to thrive and make an impact, by being the curators of talent and the firewalls of risk in these disruptive times.

KIRSTY WARK, Broadcaster and Journalist, UK

CAROL CALANDRA, CFO Global Markets, EY Global LLP, USA

TONY CHANMUGAM, CFO, British Telecom Plc, UK


SIMON HENRY, CFO, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Netherlands


Parallel Sessions – My choices

Building a global valuation expertise

Mergers and acquisitions increasingly cross national borders, yet valuation methodologies vary from one jurisdiction to another. This panel will explore whether a global valuation professional designation is needed. It will also look at whether international valuation policies should be developed. Moreover, it will debate international benchmarks for the education of valuation professionals, and steps being taken at national level to develop the profession.

RACHEL GRIMES, Deputy President-Elect 2014-2016, International Federation of Accountants, and CFO Technology, Westpac, Australia

MAURO BINI, Member of Professional Board, International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), and Chair, Organismo Italiano Valutazione, Italy

APRIL MACKENZIE, CEO, International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), UK

DOUG McPHEE, Member of Professional Board, IVSC, and Deputy Chair, Global Valuation Services, KPMG, UK

DAVID TWEEDIE, Chair of Board of Trustees, International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC), UK


Trade in services and accountancy: the profession helping to unlock the full potential

Professional services - including accountancy - are subject to international rules on trade in services, some of which no longer reflect the needs of today’s global economy. As global value chains redefine what it means to participate in international trade, there is a spotlight on the importance of the services economy and barriers that frustrate its full potential. This session explores the dynamics of today’s international trade in services, and the issues and opportunities for the accountancy profession. An answer will be sought to how the profession can best leverage the trade policy platform to overcome trade barriers that limit its ability to fully contribute to the development of strong economies around the world.

GARY PFLUGRATH, Director, Public Policy & Regulation, International Federation of Accountants

PETER ALLGEIER, President, Coalition of Services Industries, USA

CRAWFORD FALCONER, Director, Trade in Services Division, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, New Zealand

RONAN O’LOUGHLIN, Director of Education and Training at Chartered Accountants Ireland, Ireland

PIERRE PETTIGREW, Executive Advisor, International, Deloitte, Canada


New horizons for accountancy: fresh perspectives

Tackling systemic issues requires gaining a variety of perspectives as no single group working alone can hope to develop creative solutions. Engaging other voices moves the debate beyond the comfort zone of the accountancy profession and generates new ideas and innovations. The panelists will offer fresh perspectives on the 21st century horizons of accountancy. An interactive and participatory experience for all attendees will be created, utilizing methods developed as part of Audit-Futures - a thought-leadership program of ICAEW, run in collaboration with the Finance Innovation Lab.

ROBERT HODGKINSON, Executive Director, Technical Strategy Department, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, UK

LEE BRYANT, Co-Founder, Post Shift , UK

NICK DE LEON, Head of Service Design, Royal College of Arts, UK

IVAN KRASTEV, Chair of the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Bulgaria

BRETT SCOTT, Independent Author and Journalist, UK

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